Our sound recordists

Florent Castellani

I stumbled upon surround sound while writing my master’s thesis. The aforementioned thesis focused on binaural rendering of a 5.1 mix and used quantities of Ambisonic technologies. I then started to borrow a SoundField ST350 to see how Ambisonic could capture ambiances and atmospheres in the field : I haven’t stopped ever since.

Working as a sound recordist and editor for TV and motion pictures, I am always looking for the right atmosphere in order to add an additionnal layer of credibility or fantasy to the sequence. Thus, recording theses ambiances has become an important part of my job and an illustration of my passion for sound. (I definitely love room tones.)

Ambisonic or Double MS with an added AB pair are my favorite system for recording atmospheres and backgrounds, for they are convenient and give very wide images, but I prefer a discreet 5.0 microphone setting (an ORTF, a hypercardioid mic for the center, and a pure time-difference mics pair -AB- for the surround speakers) when I want to respect the depth and complexity of the scene.

Florent is a member of Contrebande.net

Guilhem Domercq

I started my career as a sound assistant on multiple french TV shows. I then began working on short films, feature films and documentaries as a production sound mixer or sound editor. I also make radio documentaries.

 With my first sound collection “Paris 5.0: Famous places and hidden locations”, I want to present different sides of the parisian sound environment. Well-known for being loud, brutal and monochord, it can also be quiet, elegant and rich in details.

Vincent Magnier

He has recorded for 30 years on various films, docos and so on… He is also teaching sound recording at INA in Paris. He mostly record on Sound Devices recorder and use many different type of mics  : IRT cross,  DPA, Double ORTF, MMAD, Ambisonic, binaural head and so on. 600 ambiances are mostly ready for Dinosound !

Vincent is a member of Dinosaures-sarl.

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